$400 Air Duct Cleaning

Jun 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020

Service includes cleaning of unlimited supply vents & unlimited return vents for 1 HVAC system

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$189 Dryer Vent Cleaning

Jun 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020

Service includes dryer vent cleaning up to 6 ft. with rotary brush

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3 months ago
Technician arrived early he was very polite and professional. He explained to me what he would be doing and the approximate cost. He did a professional job leaving everything in tact as it was found. Would highly recommend this company.
- Hattie D
5 months ago
Mike was excellent! He was on-time, explained all of my options in detail before he began so I knew what I was getting and there were no surprises! He was clean, professional, and courteous! I have already recommended them to my neighbors! Great value!! Thank you!
- Laios C
5 months ago
Highly recommend. 5 stars! The team from Chimney Pro was super helpful getting our new chimney winter ready. We recently bought a new home and needed a sweep and a new chimney cap. They were able to come out within a week and sweep my chimney at a very reasonable price. Compared to the competition they are the best value for your buck. They then took measurements for my custom chimney two flute cap and came back to install as soon as they received from the factory. Mike was excellent at communicating and I will use again for future chimney sweeps and needs! We also have recommended to all friends and family with chimney needs.
- Alex G

Creosote — The Biggest Threat

All wood-burning chimneys build up a dangerous substance called creosote, which is a dark-colored matter that can be solid, liquid, or gas, and presents the greatest threat to chimney safety. It’s made up of the unburned carbon from your fuel source. It leaves the hearth in vapor form, but becomes solid once again when it encounters the cooler air in your chimney, allowing it to stick to the walls of your flume or liner. Creosote will build up inside your chimney lining like layers of tar, and because it’s a highly flammable material, creosote represents the biggest chimney safety hazard—if the creosote ignites, it will cause a chimney fire that can damage or even destroy your home.  

Creosote builds up in three stages, the first of which is the innocuous black powder commonly called “soot.” Some soot inside your chimney is unavoidable and not dangerous, and it’s easily removed with a gentle brushing. In the second stage, this soot comes together in clumps that form shiny, solid flakes that contain tar oil, allowing them to cling tightly to the walls of your chimney. Not only are these hardened shards of creosote more likely to catch fire, they’re also harder to remove. The third and final stage is when these hardened flakes of creosote completely coat your liner, and the layers of glazed tar only becomes thicker with every fire you light. This is the most likely form of creosote to ignite, and almost impossible to remove.

If you don’t clean you chimney regularly, you risk moving beyond stage one and into the danger zone. Chimney fires can be explosive—a creosote fire can burn at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The intense heat can cause the flue to crack or collapse, and your surrounding interior walls to burst into flame, or embers can shoot out the chimney and ignite a fire on your roof. At the least, a creosote fire can seriously damage your chimney, but at the most, they can start a fire that can destroy your home and endanger your family. Don’t risk it! Call Chimney Pro for cleaning and inspection.​​​​​

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